Adele Smashes N'Sync Sales Record in 3 Days

24th November 2015 No comments

Would she, wouldn’t she? She did! Adele has, in fact, broken the record set by N’Sync in 2000 for most albums sold in a single week. When N’Sync released No Strings Attached in March of 2000 the album sold 2,416,000 copies in its first week of release. Music biz analysts and geeks alike have been […]

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'Billboard' Experiencing Well Deserved Backlash Over Survey

25th August 2015 No comments

A survey sent by Billboard magazine to top music execs is causing a long overdue backlash against the publication and its ever-devolving standards. Reported by Tim Ingham of Music Business Worldwide, the survey avoids the biggest issues facing the industry, opting instead to ask business leaders if they believe Justin Bieber will one day have […]

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What You Need to Know About Pay-to-Play

8th June 2015 4 comments

The concept of pay-to-play has seemingly reached epidemic proportions. Let’s recap the past week in music, shall we? ~ Hype Machine announced it has stopped working with music blogs who feature paying clients. ~ A film company in the UK was trying to get artists and labels to pay £10,000 to place a song in […]

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Billboard Susses Out 'Pitch Perfect 2' and Its Anti-Marketing Campaign

21st May 2015 No comments

With Pitch Perfect 2 anticipated to be a hit film with a soundtrack to match, many expected an over-saturation of material from, for, and about the film in the weeks leading up its release. Quite the opposite has happened, however, and rather than trying to turn every song on the soundtrack into another smash single […]

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Grief & Resilience or: How Heartbreak Led Me Back to the Music Industry

26th August 2014 30 comments

I readily talk about the death of my fiancé, but I’ve never written about it. I don’t really have an outlet to do so as I’m not someone who could (or would necessarily want to) write a book, and, as a music industry writer, none of the outlets that publish my work would be particularly […]

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Artists We Love: Blondfire

11th February 2014 No comments

Unfair as it may be, more often than not opening acts are what music fans tolerate until the artist(s) they really want to see take the stage. Twisted logic, to be sure, as all bands were openers at some point, but a reality of live concert going nevertheless. There are those times, however, when you […]

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Do Avenged Sevenfold Have the Right Idea About Fans?

6th September 2013 No comments

In the latest Billboard, Avenged Sevenfold frontman Matt Sanders, AKA M. Shadows, said the following about performing on talk shows: “I don’t want the fair-weather fans, the soccer moms who watch ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ to discover us that way,” says Sevenfold lead singer Matt Sanders, who performs as M. Shadows. “I want the people who grew […]

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YouTube and the Hot 100~ A Good Idea?

1st March 2013 2 comments

Billboard Magazine recently announced that they would be changing the formula by which it determines its Hot 100 list and that the new criteria would include YouTube views. While I wholeheartedly agree that YouTube plays a huge role in the success of music in today’s world, I can’t help but think this is a really […]

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