At Thirty Roses we provide virtual assistance and consultation services to musicians and other creatives.

We offer a variety of packages and work with artists to determine what best suits their needs so they may acquire the knowledge to continue advancing their career while remaining empowered and educated.

Career Maintenance Packages:

Social Savior: Social media content management. Perfect for those who have some time to devote to social media but want to outsource the bulk of posting.

Middle Management: Social media and email management. Are you too busy with your career to keep up with social media? Are you missing out on opportunities because of a cluttered inbox? This package is for you! We’ll handle your social media content, stay on top of your email correspondence, and help you manage your calendar.

The Whole Shebang: You officially need an assistant and we’re it! This package includes all social media posting, managing your followers and replies, daily email correspondence and calendar organization, and help managing and promoting your online concert events.

Need help with something not mentioned here? Send us a message to see if we can help!

“I cannot say enough about how Christine Infanger has impacted my life and the marketing of my book, “THE SHOULDING: A Story of Resilience and Hope”.

 First word: AMAZING!!  She is a master at social media.  When I gave her the reins to my social media accounts she took off running.  My Twitter following tripled in just a couple of weeks.  She created an author page for me on Facebook and posted my book events and pictures from my book events.  That page has created a lot of buzz for my book. 

She is a prolific “poster” on Twitter.  “I” Tweet the most amazing things… 

 Christine has gotten me interviews I could have never gotten myself.  She has reached out to her contacts and created interest in my book that I wouldn’t have known to reach out to.  

And finally, Christine has become a friend and my biggest cheerleader.  She believes in me and the message of “THE SHOULDING A Story of Resilience and Hope”. She is honest to a fault!! I trust her implicitly.  

If you have the opportunity to work with Christine, take it!  You won’t be sorry.  In fact, you’ll be very lucky.”
Roberta Brown, Author (Minneapolis, MN)