With an extensive history of working with artists, I’ve built an outstanding portfolio of skills as a journalist, personal assistant, planner, consultant, publicist, and business advisor; I make it a point to stay fresh on what’s going on in the tech and creative industries, following the latest trend-makers and career-breakers so that I’m always ready to ride the wave when the tide turns.

I’ve helped artists launch their careers not just by organizing their lives, but by providing expert insight into marketing, creative strategy, and the next steps in creating a structured, long-term plan for building and sustaining a personal brand.

Let’s face it: the music, media, and entertainment industries can be cutthroat, and whether it’s a seasoned veteran or someone just starting off, they always need someone savvy and knowledgeable to watch their back.

I’m always on point so they don’t have to be; I take care of the distractions and must-have apps, social platforms, and gear so creatives can focus on the work that truly matters.

“It’s always refreshing to find someone who wants to be on your team, believes in you and what you want to accomplish and is willing do to anything to help you reach your goals. I worked with Christine on a 6 month campaign for my latest full album release and the amount of love and care she put into to helping me get the album noticed was as if it was her own album. I had been friends with Christine for awhile and I was always wary of hiring people I was friends with BUT I knew she was the right person to work with because of her work ethic and self-starter attitude. If she didn’t know an answer she would do anything to find it. Christine wore many hats for me during her time working for me and I’m so grateful for all she did and has continued to do for my career.”
Malynda Hale (Singer/Songwriter/Actress)