Radiohead Perform "Creep" in Paris

24th May 2016 No comments

Every so often Radiohead acknowledge that “Creep” exists. Not hailing Pablo Honey as one of their greatest albums given what followed is understandable. That said, without “Creep” none of the rest of that music would have ever come to be. I loved it when it was released and I love it still. Even if they […]

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Radiohead Release Video for "Burn the Witch"

3rd May 2016 No comments

After days of toying with the masses, dropping hints, and disappearing Radiohead have given us a new song!  Check out “Burn the Witch” in all its glory on the band’s official website, Dead Air Space, or right here. What do you think?!

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Radiohead Appear Online Again

No comments

Over the weekend Radiohead made fans’ heads explode when they deleted their entire existence from the internet. In one fell swoop the band’s website, Facebook, and Twitter  accounts were completely blank which led to speculation that the band’s long awaited LP9 was soon forthcoming. Radiohead’s mass exodus from the web came on the heels of a cryptic […]

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'Soundbreaking' to Screen in Chicago, San Francisco

13th April 2016 No comments

Every year the most exciting and innovative offerings in music, film, and technology ascend upon Austin, TX for the annual SXSW festival. Showcasing the year’s newest technology, the brightest emerging talent, and the best in film, SXSW is the ultimate music festival in the United States. Those fortunate enough to attend this year’s fest were […]

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'Soundbreaking' to Debut at SXSW

16th March 2016 No comments

Music nerds and audiophiles have been waiting for PBS’ eight part documentary series ‘Soundbreaking’ and those attending SXSW will get to preview the first two episodes! The late Sir George Martin was the inspiration for the series, which features over 160 interviews with the greatest producers and artists in the world. “Soundbreaking’ offers what is being described […]

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Hearing continues for man killed after Radiohead stage collapse in 2012

18th November 2015 No comments

It’s been three years since a stage collapsed in Downsview Park, killing Scott Johnson and injuring three others. Three years that Ken Johnson has waited for answers and for someone to take responsibility. An engineer working at the concert, concert promoter Live Nation Canada, Live Nation Ontario and Optex Staging and Services are all facing charges in […]

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Happy birthday, Kid A!

2nd October 2015 No comments

It seems slightly unbelievable that it’s already been 15 years since Radiohead released an underground little record called Kid A. Pretty much every music publication in the world is writing album synopses and sharing retrospectives of some sort so we won’t do more of the same. If that’s what you’re seeking a quick Google search […]

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Happy Birthday to Radiohead's "Creep"!

21st September 2015 No comments

On this day in 1992 an unknown group of school chums from Oxford released their debut single “Creep”. The song was a hit but the band was thought to be like any number of fairly forgettable acts who released popular tracks and faded as quickly as they came. They jury is still out, of course, […]

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Happy Weekend: OK Computer Edition

23rd May 2015 2 comments

Do you know what May 21 was? It was the 18th birthday of Radiohead’s OK Computer! One of the most perfect records this world has ever known, OK Computer has only gotten better with age. Paranoid Android, No Surprises, Exit Music (For a Film), and the greatest song in the history of ever ever ever….Let […]

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