5 Best Double Door Performances

19th August 2016 No comments

Chicago’s Double Door has been involved in ongoing saga over how long it can keep its doors open. At present, the venue is allowed to stay open through year’s end and there’s no word on whether, or perhaps more accurately where, they’ll relocate. We’ll keep you posted as the story continues to develop. In the […]

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Is Facebook Ready for the Music Industry?

17th July 2015 No comments

As many may be aware, in recent weeks the scuttlebutt in the music industry has been that Facebook is entering the music video and streaming game. Facebook denies having an interest in pursuing streaming, stating that their intentions don’t go beyond videos. Didn’t the Terra Firma – Citigroup – EMI debacle teach us that not […]

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It's a Local H Weekend In Chicagoland!

17th April 2015 No comments

It’s going to be a marathon weekend for Local H and their fans! Celebrating 25 years of awesome music and last Tuesday’s newly released Hey, Killer, today kicks off a weekend full of shows that will keep the band and their fans busy until Monday. Tonight the band kick off the nationwide tour in Arlington […]

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Most Popular Posts of 2014

2nd January 2015 No comments

It’s one of my favourite times of year: Time to share the top articles of the past year! 6. One of the sillier things we’ve shared, this was written for two very special people and is read everyday. Thank goodness for tags and SEO, I guess! Happy Wednesday 5. The Fabulous Vassy; You Know Her […]

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Happy Weekend!

20th September 2014 No comments

Hi, everyone! It’s been an especially business-y week, eh? New iPhones, people still complaining (or not) about the U2 record, iOS 8, and Live Nation bought more stuff (quelle surprise!). Let’s listen to a few of our favourite songs about the actual music industry, shall we? Have a great weekend, everyone!!! Also, if you haven’t […]

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Grief & Resilience or: How Heartbreak Led Me Back to the Music Industry

26th August 2014 30 comments

I readily talk about the death of my fiancé, but I’ve never written about it. I don’t really have an outlet to do so as I’m not someone who could (or would necessarily want to) write a book, and, as a music industry writer, none of the outlets that publish my work would be particularly […]

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Chicago Music Veteran Brian St.Clair Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

20th May 2014 1 comment

In a sad and startling announcement, Chicago music veteran (and yes, I think the word legend is fair to use) Brian St.Clair announced via The Chicagoist that he’s recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Part of his statement to The Chicagoist reads: “I’m only 45 so this was a huge wake up call for me. […]

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Local H Release Cover of Lorde's 'Team' as Official Single

22nd April 2014 1 comment

Never a band to shy away from covering a smash pop song, Chicago’s Local H have covered Lorde’s insanely popular track Team. A video of the band, consisting of lead singer/guitarist Scott Lucas and drummer Ryan Harding, performing the song in the studio was released late last week to instant internet buzz. Blogs, Chicago press, […]

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Top Posts of 2013

1st January 2014 No comments

Here you go, in one concise list; our most popular articles from the past year. Thank you so much for reading! 5) ‘Diamonds’ for Leah Graham 4) Our interview with the amazing Hustle Roses 3) Our Artists We Love feature on Uptown Mayhem …and Chicago’s hardest working band, Local H, holds the honour of our […]

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