Mary Bue Opens Up About Sexual Assault on New EP "The Majesty of Beasts"

1st December 2016 No comments

Photo by Jon Hain Photography

2016 has been challenging for many people and singer-songwriter Mary Bue counts herself among them. In addition to the general heartbreak most of us have felt since November, Mary got divorced earlier this year, her band broke up, and she left her longtime home of Duluth, Minnesota when she relocated to Minneapolis. Never one to fester in negativity, Mary did what Mary does; she turned to music. Her new EP, The Majesty of Beasts, is mostly about the past year. A raw look at her very real life, sharing experiences many people have gone through in a way we can all relate to. Covering everything from breakups, relocating, and the most jarring of the new songs, “Petty Misdemeanor”, in which Bue opens up about her decade-old sexual assault for the first time. Describing the song Bue says: “It took me 10 years to write a reflection on my sexual assault.  This current day and age with powerful figures bombarding us with hateful, predatory words and actions has shaken me to the core.  I had to face it.  This song “Petty Misdemeanor” is about how meekly I responded to what happened to me (although I did report it),  how I kept very quiet for 10 years,  how 10 years later all my perpetrator ever got as a repercussion was a “petty misdemeanor.”  This song is about the failure of the system to support women,  the failure of communities, friends and strangers who lean towards victim shaming and blaming,  and the rage that builds up under the surface when such things are not faced.  I am both terrified to release this song and exhilarated as it will set me free.  I know I am not alone.”  It’s Mary Bue being Mary Bue – genuine and real. It’s why everyone loves her.

She’s releasing the song exclusively via a Kickstarter preorder with a limited edition vinyl run available which she recorded in Nashville at Welcome to 1979 this past spring after she won a contest for being her awesome self. Because it’s Kickstarter, you can also choose to order some artwork (*I have some of Mary’s artwork at my house and can personally attest to its awesomeness), house concerts, a song written just for you, swag grab bags, yoga classes at Mary’s Minneapolis studio, as well as other incentives.

On the official Kickstarter page you’ll find Mary’s video as well as previews for “The Shit I Left in Duluth” and “Petty Misdemeanor”. There’s  a little over a week left so head to Kickstarter and preorder your copy of The Majesty of Beasts now!

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