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5th January 2016 No comments

It’s time to share our top posts of the year that was 2015. As has been the trend for us, last year saw continued growth in our readership, subscribers, and global reach. I know I say this every year and it’s probably redundant but Thirty Roses began with me very honestly thinking not a single person would ever look at it. That it’s read by thousands of people around the world is truly humbling and I can’t thank you enough.

The last year saw fewer posts since we’ve been increasingly busy with our consultation work. That said, we saw more traffic than ever on Thirty Roses. Here were the top posts from 2015:

5) Our first Underappreciated Artists/Artists We Love hybrid was a huge success! We’re glad you loved it as much as we did. Underappreciated Artists/Artists We Love: Jesse Valenzuela

4) The 4th most popular post of last year and the most popular Underappreciated Artists ever! Reread this and go listen to The Rembrandts. If you aren’t familiar with them, becoming a fan should be your New Year’s resolution. Underappreciated Artists: The Rembrandts

3) Still a popular article after all this time: Grief and Resilience or: How Heartbreak Led Me Back to the Music Industry

2) Because people saw this at the end of the DJ Slugo article, this came in second. What You Need to Know About Pay to Play

1) Not only the most popular post of last year, the most popular post ever on Thirty Roses. While there were a few other outlets that wrote about DJ Slugo’s pay to play scheme, we were the only source that had copies of actual email correspondence Slugo sent to artists. We’re grateful our artist friends trusted us with their story and appreciate all of the sharing of this article. By far, our number one story of last year:
DJ Slugo Fired From Spike Lee Film For Pay to Play Scheme

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