Exclusive Premier: Typhoid Rosie 'On the Day'

28th August 2015 2 comments

We’ve been excited about this for weeks and we finally get to share an exclusive track from the upcoming Typhoid Rosie album with all of you today!


Highly perched on our list of most anticipated albums of 2015 is Hearts Bleed Goodbye by Brooklyn band Typhoid Rosie. In 2013 lead singer Rosie Rebel suffered the unexpected loss of her mother. While attending the wake for Rebel’s grandmother, her beloved mother had an aneurysm and died that day. Once a comedienne, Rosie turned to music to process her grief and honor her mother. The result is Hearts Bleed Goodbye, which Rebel describes as “a musical Taj Mahal”. The album is a testament of love, a chronology of loss, and rather than teetering on overly maudlin sentimental drivel, tackles the grieving process with sonic wonderment and catchy melodies. The album’s first two singles, Better to Know Now and Hearts Bleed Goodbye, are getting global praise for their raw emotion, not to mention their unrelenting catchiness.

On the Day is an album track and isn’t slated to be a single. In this song, Rosie Rebel sings her gratefulness for her husband, Typhoid Rosie drummer Phil Wartell, and his devotion: “All the days I thought I wouldn’t make it, all the days you kissed my tears away. On the day they buried my loved one I would have died without your loving.”
There’s something especially compelling about songs which aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and Typhoid Rosie have perfected making sad songs with pop hooks and indie grit.
It’s an honor to be able to share this song with you; we hope you love it as much as we do!

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