Grief & Resilience or: How Heartbreak Led Me Back to the Music Industry

26th August 2014 30 comments

I readily talk about the death of my fiancé, but I’ve never written about it. I don’t really have an outlet to do so as I’m not someone who could (or would necessarily want to) write a book, and, as a music industry writer, none of the outlets that publish my work would be particularly […]

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Happy Weekend!

12th July 2014 1 comment

Greetings, one and all! It’s a special edition of Happy Weekend today! It also happens to be the birthday of Trent Vanegas of Pink is the New Blog and since Trent is a huge friend to and supporter of the music community thought we’d dedicate this HW to him. It also happens Trent will be […]

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The vt blog

5th June 2014 1 comment

If you ever find yourself in search of new music brought to you by way of awesome videos, search no farther than The vt blog! I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago when doing some research and instantly fell in love with the site. It’s fun, funny, quirky, slightly left of center, and the […]

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Our Favourite Records of the Year That Was

31st December 2013 No comments

As is customary, be it in conversation with friends or more formal list form, the end of the year means it’s time to reflect upon the music that was released and try to sort out which was ‘best,’ ‘worst,’ ‘overrated,’ etc. There were a few records that came out among much hype, and really fascinating […]

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Congratulations, Noughts and Exes!

2nd November 2013 No comments

We’re so happy and proud to announce that one of the bands we work with, Noughts and Exes, have hit # 1 on the charts in Hong Kong. You may recall us sharing their video for the song ‘Hearts,’ which featured the first ever flashmob in Hong Kong’s Times Square. Congratulations Joshua, Alex, Alix, Winnie, […]

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Noughts and Exes Film Flashmob

9th September 2013 No comments

In keeping with their tradition of raising the bar on creativity, Noughts and Exes sought the help of some of the best indie musicians in Hong Kong and recently began a flashmob in Hong Kong’s Times Square. The event was filmed and has now become the video for the first single, ‘Hearts,’ from the band’s […]

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