Artists We Love: Supersmall

25th March 2014 2 comments


While artists regularly send us music, something about a the description of a band that recently emailed us was intriguing: An Irish/Israeli folk band. Interesting, right? We had to listen! The Irish part of the band comes from singer/songwriter/emailer Colin Dempsey, the Israeli half from drummer Daniela Schiller. Both are storytellers and their tunes and melodies are every bit as wistful as their lyrics.
What sets Supersmall apart from many of their contemporaries is their background in storytelling, which is apparent in their music. Many talented lyricists approach songwriting from a traditional, emotive perspective. Dempsey and Schiller are a bit different in that many of their songs tell actual tales from beginning to end, in ways that many of their contemporaries couldn’t, and certainly not as eloquently.
Having released their first EP in 2013 to a plethora of glowing reviews, Supersmall are much beloved already. The band frequently gig around New York and are about to set out for a string of dates in Canada in April.
The artwork for their debut EP is as stunning as any part of the record; a sort of Belle & Sebastian meets ‘The Little Prince’ pastiche, which seems quite appropriate.

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