Happy Weekend: Joni Mitchell Edition

4th April 2015 1 comment

What a week it’s been in the music industry! We made some announcements about The VT, what it is, and why it’s awesome. Artists and fans alike are just as excited as we are! Then, Jay-Z and friends held the world’s most awkward launch for the least revolutionary and different streaming company ever. Our article […]

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Meet the digital love-child of MTV + Rolling Stone magazine

30th March 2015 1 comment

After months of me talking about The VT here and there and dropping hints that something would be happening with it soon, I’m happy to report that it’s all coming together! Thanks to the drive and diligence of VT founder, Nick Blake, artists and industry folk have been excited about The VT from day one […]

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Meanwhile, on the vt…

19th August 2014 No comments

I hope you’ve been keeping up with the vt blog and all the great music that’s been on shared lately. There was a mixtape featuring OhLayIndigo, Select Captain, and Amy Lynn & the Gun Show. They’ve also had more great music from the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter showcase, including Marta Pacek,Dorie Colangelo, and Sanglorians. If you’re […]

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Meanwhile on the vt…

14th July 2014 1 comment

Lots of great music on our partner site, the vt blog recently! There was a track from Stone and Space which they described as a “Bollywood remix.” The duo used a Bollywood film dance number and perfectly synced their track to match it-great stuff! The vt has also featured videos from our beloved Emily Danger, […]

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More Exciting News!

13th June 2014 1 comment

You may have seen our recent post about all of the excitement happening behind the scenes here at Thirty Roses HQ. You may also recall us mentioning more news to come….well, here’s some more news: We’re going to be working with the vt blog to bring you as much new music as possible! We don’t […]

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