Guns N’ Roses Are Finding New Ways to Make the Industry Work for Them

21st April 2017 No comments

Now that streaming has become the dominant platform through which most fans consume their music, artists have been left scrambling for new ways to make money. With a mix of time-tested methods and new licensing deals, some of the biggest bands have found a way to remain successful. Some of these practices are obvious but […]

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The Best Exercises for Musicians

11th August 2016 4 comments

There’s no doubt about it: the life of a musician is often jam-packed. With all the practicing, networking, marketing, creating, and gigging, how do you find time for yourself? As tough as it may be, making that time is essential. Your mental and physical health can end up affecting your technique, and can even make […]

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Brandon Flowers & Neil Tenant perform PSB track "Rent"

27th September 2015 No comments

Continuing the all-star guest appearances on his current US tour, Brandon Flowers was joined by Pet Shop Boys legend Neil Tenant for a performance of PSB track “Rent” at last night’s Los Angeles gig. Check it out below.

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Underappreciated Artists/Artists We Love: Jesse Valenzuela

10th July 2015 4 comments

Every so often we feature an artist whom we struggle to classify. Having just released his second record as a solo act, Jesse Valenzuela certainly falls into our Artists We Love category, which aims to shine a light on some of our favorite new(ish) music that we can’t wait to share with our friends. That […]

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Brandon Flowers Sings With Huey Lewis and the News in Atlantic City

20th June 2015 2 comments

Brandon Flowers seems to be having the most fun in the history of touring. In his trek for current solo record The Desired Effect, Flowers has covered an INXS classic, performed ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ with Bernard Sumner, sang ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ with Chrissie Hynde, and has now performed with Huey Lewis and the News. […]

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Winds of Samsara

1st October 2014 No comments

One of the records we’ve been listening to non-stop is Winds of Samsara, the highly acclaimed album from Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman. The album has gotten stellar reviews from seemingly every news outlet imaginable and has spent nine weeks on the Billboard New Age chart. Kej and Kellerman spent two years working with over […]

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Moccasin Creek Festival

4th May 2014 2 comments

It’s festival season, again!!! Even more exciting than that, there’s another great festival hitting the outskirts of Chicagoland! Even more exciting than that, we at Thirty Roses HQ get to be involved with it! We’re super excited to say we’ve teamed up with Macon Raine to help spread the word about the upcoming Moccasin Creek […]

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Common Sense Basics That Artists Still Get Wrong

21st April 2014 4 comments

It’s 2014 and it’s still somewhat shocking the amount of things that artists muck up. Given the amount of resources, consultants, and information available for little or absolutely no cost, it’s astonishing that artists make so many missteps when it comes to basic, everyday things they should be doing for their careers. Here are a […]

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Artists We Love: Dame Haze

12th January 2014 No comments

Dame Haze is a Chicago based artist, and one you should start paying attention to now! We first became acquainted with Dame and his music at a Grammy member event featuring Young Guru. Dame introduced himself to me and gave me a copy of his (at that point) soon to be released EP. Reluctantly I […]

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