Happy Weekend!

27th December 2014 No comments

The final HW of 2014 is upon us! Another year of growth and prosperity has passed and we can’t thank our readers enough for their continued support. In recent months, as we’ve been working on The VT, been working with http://noughtsandexes.net, and prepared to move house, things have been a bit erratic and inconsistent around […]

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Meanwhile, on the vt…

19th August 2014 No comments

I hope you’ve been keeping up with the vt blog and all the great music that’s been on shared lately. There was a mixtape featuring OhLayIndigo, Select Captain, and Amy Lynn & the Gun Show. They’ve also had more great music from the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter showcase, including Marta Pacek,Dorie Colangelo, and Sanglorians. If you’re […]

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Happy Weekend!

2nd August 2014 No comments

Hello, hello! Can you sense our excitement? It’s been quite a week at Thirty Roses HQ! MIchael’s article on The Firebird Band has been HUGE, great things are happening over at The vt blog,and we’re proud that so many indie artists put their faith in us (and the vt!). If I can make a quick […]

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Artists We Love: Vaudeville Etiquette

30th July 2014 No comments

One of the many wonderful things about our partnership with The vt blog is the influx of incredible music we get to hear. The other day we got a suggestion from Nick Blake, mastermind of the vt, which said simply: “I think you’ll like this one.” He was so right! The band in question was […]

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Meanwhile on the vt…

14th July 2014 1 comment

Lots of great music on our partner site, the vt blog recently! There was a track from Stone and Space which they described as a “Bollywood remix.” The duo used a Bollywood film dance number and perfectly synced their track to match it-great stuff! The vt has also featured videos from our beloved Emily Danger, […]

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Meanwhile, on the vt….

27th June 2014 No comments

Hey, everyone! Lots of great stuff at the vt blog in the past couple weeks! Gorgeous songwriting from Lindsay Katt and James Apollo, vampires and pop-punk courtesy of EofE, and a rad mixtape featuring BuLife, MT Motherland Boy, and Double. There’s also a lot more great music, so head over! As always, the vt runs […]

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More Exciting News!

13th June 2014 1 comment

You may have seen our recent post about all of the excitement happening behind the scenes here at Thirty Roses HQ. You may also recall us mentioning more news to come….well, here’s some more news: We’re going to be working with the vt blog to bring you as much new music as possible! We don’t […]

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The vt blog

5th June 2014 1 comment

If you ever find yourself in search of new music brought to you by way of awesome videos, search no farther than The vt blog! I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago when doing some research and instantly fell in love with the site. It’s fun, funny, quirky, slightly left of center, and the […]

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