Happy Weekend!

26th September 2015 1 comment

Hi everyone, we hope you’ve had a great week! How many of you have given a listen to Ryan Adams’ 1989? We’re very into it here at Thirty Roses HQ! Adams, in his typical fashion, brought out a melancholy and longing that wasn’t present when they were produced and arranged as up-tempo pop songs, which […]

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Ryan Adams' 1989 Album Completed

18th August 2015 No comments

No, he wasn’t kidding. Ryan Adams has finished making his version of Taylor Swift’s 1989. Adams has been documenting his progress on Instagram and Twitter over the past couple of weeks and announced that the album now has a “rough mix.” No official word on release date or other specific details. Here’s what we have […]

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Ryan Adams to Cover Taylor Swift's '1989'

6th August 2015 No comments

The King of making any song amazing is at it again! Ryan Adams announced via Twitter that he’s going to be covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 album in its entirety. Never one to withhold excitement, Swift responded to a tweet from Hasief Ardiasyah which tagged both she and Adams. From there Adams and Swift shared a […]

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Congratulations, Taylor Swift! You've Become Everything You Claimed You Never Were

27th July 2015 1 comment

I’ve adored Taylor Swift since her first record was released. I was caring for children who loved her and we listened to her all the time. We listened to each record as it was released, watched the videos, had dance parties, and drove around all summer singing every song. I’ve always liked that she was […]

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The biggest selling vinyl of 2015 so far is….

7th July 2015 No comments

In April Official Charts Company launched the first ever vinyl album charts and their results have been released. So far this year, vinyl album sales are up 69% from last year with single sales on the rise 23%. Charts are updated every Friday at OfficialCharts.com *UK sales figures Top 10 Vinyl Albums of 2015 1. […]

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Spotify (Again) – Artists Still Fighting the Wrong Battle

14th November 2014 5 comments

I swore I wasn’t going to write anything about this. I promised myself and my mental well-being that I wasn’t going to write anymore about this, yet here I am…writing again about Spotify. Same song, slightly different tune. We all know Taylor Swift pulled her catalog from the streaming service and since then, it’s all […]

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The Good and Bad of the Grammys

30th January 2014 1 comment

If you’re looking for a recap of winners or sharp tongued critique of what starlet wore what gown and was paired up with which celeb, this isn’t the place for you. This was my first Grammy season as a member and it seemed an appropriate time to share a couple of observations on what the […]

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Focus on Social Media the RIGHT Way

5th May 2013 No comments

In recent months countless artists have been caught using fake followers, or ‘bots,’ to boost their social media numbers. Sadly, we have arrived at a time when the question “How many Twitter followers do you have?” holds as much weight at “How many albums have you sold?” Probably more. For this reason, the labels, PR […]

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Instagram and Music: Megalomaniacal Propoganda or Useful Marketing Tool?

13th April 2013 No comments

Check out my latest article for Think Like a Label. A lot of people use Instagram, but do they use it to its potential when promoting their career or new album?

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