Spoon Cover The Cramps for Poltergeist Remake

20th May 2015 No comments

Since the film is a remake it stands to reason that the music in it would be as well. Spoon has put their spin on 1980’s TV Set by The Cramps, which is actually pretty amusing. No word yet on which band will cover a song for the next unnecessarily remade 80s horror film. For […]

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Spoon Continues to Grow with 'They Want My Soul'

5th August 2014 No comments

They Want My Soul Album on Grooveshark Spoon is well known for their great social commentary, rhythm guitar, and general love of modern music. Meaning they create something positive out of what is often lackluster in modern music. From the depths of his life in the first four albums, all the way to the current […]

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