Artists We Love: Marcio Novelli

26th February 2016 No comments

Last week singer-songwriter Marcio Novelli released a video for track “Remember Love”. Filmed last March just after the birth of his second child, Novelli describes the song as “a reflection of the evolution of affection and how it grows and changes over time from obsession and infatuation into something much deeper and more meaningful. Despite […]

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Artists, Stop Getting Taken Advantage Of

30th August 2015 1 comment

There are plenty of services in the music industry which require money for effectiveness. Paying for PR, social media help, management, and marketing are all necessary to efficiently run a music career like the business it is. Often artists would rather pay for fun things, such as equipment and recording, not realizing that many components […]

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12 Reasons We Want You to Stop DMing Us

29th August 2014 No comments

Recently I had the great pleasure (not to mention honor!) of co-writing an article with some of the most brilliant people in the music industry. The Dutch Guy, Solveig Whittle, Alex Winters, Andrew Jones, Ross Barber, Scott Colesby, and yours truly wrote an article about why one should never ever ever ever ever resort to […]

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Checkered Owl Music Facebook Article

24th March 2014 No comments

Hello, everyone! Last week Checkered Owl Music boss Andrew Jones published a piece featuring Thirty Roses own Christine Infanger. Andrew asked some of his music industry colleagues and friends for their best (very brief) advice to artists on to best use Facebook. The piece also feature advice from the of Michael Brandvold, Brian Thompson, Solveig […]

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