Malynda Hale Working on 4th Album

26th March 2015 No comments

Musician/Actress/Activist Malynda Hale is working on a new record! In recent years Hale has been busy with her acting career, as well as launching the MeTOO! Campaign for relationship equality, regardless of racial or gender configuration. A longtime supporter of the LGBT community, Malynda’s tribute to transgender teen Leelah Alcorn was instantly loved and shared […]

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The Making of Neil Young’s ‘Le Noise’

12th July 2013 No comments

Greetings lovely readers! I stumbled across this mini documentary on Neil Young’s much lauded 2010 album Le Noise that I thought I’d share. Many of our readers are studio rats or just simply into behind the scenes minutiae and who better to deliver such information than the brilliant and ever-charming Daniel Lanois? I hope you […]

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