DJ Neal Veglio Gets Real About Life in Radio, the Creative Industries

23rd January 2017 No comments

People who have any type of career in entertainment often create a public persona on social media which portrays a lifestyle of glamour and opulence far removed from reality. Frequently we’ll see photos of exotic locations, expensive jewelry, designer clothing, and other things indicative of a lavish lifestyle. What many people fail to disclose is that so much […]

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Interview With Radio Host and Humorist Neal Mayhem

29th November 2013 No comments

We recently got the opportunity to chat with radio host humourist, and all around nice guy Neal Mayhem. Much to our surprise, Neal talked about how his success happened despite rather than because of social media, and how the ever changing state of media should be seen as an opportunity to encourage creativity. Please read […]

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Happy Birthday, MTV

1st August 2013 2 comments

On this day 32 years ago MTV was born. Of course, they’ve long since lost sight of their roots and have gone on to bite the hands that fed them for years, but that’s neither here nor there. Happy birthday, MTV. Video may have killed the radio star, but sadly the video channel killed itself.

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