Artists We Love: Ed Romanoff

18th October 2013 No comments

It’s that time again; time for us to pass along info on an amazing artist who should be touring the globe, selling out stadiums but isn’t just yet. For the past several weeks we’ve discussed duos and insanely talented female artists. It seems only appropriate that we switch it up and keep things fresh for […]

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Artists We Love: JillandKate

9th October 2013 1 comment

For whatever reason, we’ve featured a lot of duos on Artists We Love, and why stop now! We found JillandKate on Noise Trade and have been digging their record Heart of Stone ever since. We’re huge supporters of the indie ethos here at Thirty Roses, and JillandKate show dedication to their career that few musicians […]

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Women in the Music Industry, Want Respect? Act the Part

30th August 2013 2 comments

It’s difficult enough to be a female in the music industry as it’s still very much the boys club. Performers, managers, producers, engineers and everyone else behind the scenes; they’re all mostly men. Women have to work three times as hard to get half the respect and “performances” like the one Miley Cyrus gave at […]

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