Reciprocity Matters – Do Your Actions Match Your Words?

15th May 2017 No comments

  We know many aspects of the entertainment industries can be, not to put too fine a point on it, fake. Altering appearances, digitally enhancing (or hiding) vocals, and back-stabbing among industry contemporaries are commonplace. Despite that, all too frequently people believe their own hype and become so wrapped up in their own inspirational content […]

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Thirty Roses on Bridge the Atlantic

11th October 2016 No comments

It probably seems like we haven’t been doing much lately but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve been so busy working with artists (and authors) and tending to our ever-growing business that our poor website has been neglected. We’re so excited by how much Thirty Roses has grown and we’re even more excited […]

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Could Anyone Do For the U.S. What The Tragically Hip Did For Canada?

21st August 2016 No comments

We may be coming off the heels of the Olympic games but The Tragically Hip’s farewell show brought Canada together far more than any athletic event ever could. After the band announced in May that lead singer Gord Downie had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, the band decided to embark on a final tour […]

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Artists, Stop Getting Taken Advantage Of

30th August 2015 1 comment

There are plenty of services in the music industry which require money for effectiveness. Paying for PR, social media help, management, and marketing are all necessary to efficiently run a music career like the business it is. Often artists would rather pay for fun things, such as equipment and recording, not realizing that many components […]

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Congratulations, Taylor Swift! You've Become Everything You Claimed You Never Were

27th July 2015 1 comment

I’ve adored Taylor Swift since her first record was released. I was caring for children who loved her and we listened to her all the time. We listened to each record as it was released, watched the videos, had dance parties, and drove around all summer singing every song. I’ve always liked that she was […]

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Artists Who Brush Off Critics Have the Last Laugh

19th February 2015 2 comments

The music industry is certainly filled with its share of ego-maniacs but not everyone enjoys swimming in narcissistic pretension. Some artists have a difficult time transitioning from top of the charts to butt of the joke. In the 90s Kip Winger frequently lambasted cartoon Beavis and Butt-head and its creator Mike Judge for calling the […]

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Appreciate Your Twitter Audience: Learning From the Best

4th December 2013 1 comment

*This article was originally written for Think Like a Label. I’ll be posting some of my favorite and most popular pieces for TLAL here on Thirty Roses with kind permission from Think Like a Label owner and editor Jeremy Belcher. One of the most important things for artists to do also seems to be the […]

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Editorial Stream of Consciousness: Artists Should Pay and be Paid

9th November 2013 4 comments

An email response by musician and composer Whitey (AKA NJ White) in which he succinctly explains to a television producer why his music may absolutely not be used for ‘free’ with the misleading guise of the payment being the promotion and publicity received from being involved in the project has gone a bit viral. While […]

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Local H: Resilience and Class

31st March 2013 6 comments

Last night saw yet another Local H concert in Chicagoland. For a band that tours constantly and consistently, this wouldn’t normally be anything more than another stellar performance by the duo. This show was different, though. It was the first gig after singer Scott Lucas’ brutal mugging in Russia. While the members of Local H, […]

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