Artists We Love: Typhoid Rosie

25th April 2016 No comments

We’re not particularly into album reviews at Thirty Roses but one of our favorite  bands just released a new record. Since we couldn’t pass up the chance to speak of their greatness an AWL feature seemed fitting. This edition of Artists We Love will be slightly different from the others because Typhoid Rosie is different. […]

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Jody Quine Covers Pat Benatar

5th April 2016 No comments

April 22 will bring the release of Stand Up, the newest record by Jody Quine. Quine became famous for her work with EDM acts Balligomingo and Sleepthief, however in her solo career she is an acclaimed singer-songwriter. On her new album she took on the daunting task of covering Pat Benatar’s legendary song “We Belong”. The video […]

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Mary Bue Releases Video, Artwork for "Veal"

16th December 2015 2 comments

Singer-songwriter and all-around sweetheart Mary Bue has released a video for her latest single “Veal”. We don’t necessarily make a habit of writing about it every time an artist shares a new video, but Ms. Mary Bue released her video in a pretty awesome way. First, she had big party for fans and friends (which […]

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Adele: '25' Track list revealed, first single drops tomorrow

22nd October 2015 No comments

As we reported on Monday, new music from Adele is drawing ever-closer. November 20 has long been the rumored date of release for the next album and now it has been confirmed. In addition to the album’s release date, XL, Adele’s label, has announced that “Hello”, the album’s first single, will be released October 23 […]

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Exclusive Premier: Typhoid Rosie 'On the Day'

28th August 2015 2 comments

We’ve been excited about this for weeks and we finally get to share an exclusive track from the upcoming Typhoid Rosie album with all of you today! Highly perched on our list of most anticipated albums of 2015 is Hearts Bleed Goodbye by Brooklyn band Typhoid Rosie. In 2013 lead singer Rosie Rebel suffered the […]

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Artists We Love: Lucia Valentine

29th June 2015 No comments

We haven’t done an Artists We Love Feature in quite some time, mostly because all of the music we’ve been obsessed with in the last several months has gone straight to The VT. Then, when doing our doing normal perusal of NoiseTrade we stumbled upon a brand new EP by a brand new artist: Lucia […]

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Noughts and Exes Album Release, Festival News

24th November 2014 No comments

There’s a lot happening in the world of critically acclaimed Hong Kong indie darlings Noughts and Exes! Their latest record Noughts and Exes will be released globally on 1 December, 2014. To celebrate, the band are offering some goodies to those who buy the album on its release date. Stay tuned to social media and […]

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NoiseTrade, Great For Fans and Artists Alike

23rd January 2014 No comments

There’s such an overabundance of new music coming at us at every turn that we end up listening to our old favourites, simply because it all becomes so overwhelming. Sure, streaming services can be useful for playing the occasional new artist, but often you have listen to artists you don’t care for to get to […]

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How Indie Bands & College Radio Are Working Together

18th November 2013 No comments

This article was originally written for Think Like a Label. I’ll be posting some of my favorite and most popular pieces for TLAL here on Thirty Roses with kind permission from Think Like a Label owner and editor Jeremy Belcher. The ultimate goal of any artist is quite simple; to have their music heard by […]

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