Mary Bue Opens Up About Sexual Assault on New EP "The Majesty of Beasts"

1st December 2016 No comments

2016 has been challenging for many people and singer-songwriter Mary Bue counts herself among them. In addition to the general heartbreak most of us have felt since November, Mary got divorced earlier this year, her band broke up, and she left her longtime home of Duluth, Minnesota when she relocated to Minneapolis. Never one to fester […]

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New Rolling Stone Documentary Chronicles Willie Nelson's Journey Back to Austin

13th February 2015 No comments

Rolling Stone has released a new documentary on the legendary Willie Nelson as part of their new ‘Mastering the Craft’ film series. In its brief 11 minutes, the film speaks of Nelson’s journey from Nashville to Austin, explains why his beloved Martin guitar is named Trigger, and covers of the many trials and tribulations the […]

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Artists We Love: Trouvere

30th September 2013 No comments

We’re really excited to introduce you to another great under-appreciated duo in this week’s Artists We Love; Nashville’s Trouvere! Greg LaFollette is a producer, engineer, and musician who has worked with the likes of Matthew Perryman Jones and Andrew Belle. He and his lovely partner in crime, Shell Snyder, (who sings how angels would sing-if […]

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Artists We Love: Clemency

9th September 2013 No comments

There’s a lot to like about Clemency, but the thing you have to respect them for above all else is that everything they release shows evolution and maturity. While we like Clemency’s previous material, their latest EP, My Heart is the Eastern Horizon, exhibits the type of growth some artists spend their entire careers striving […]

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