Radiohead Perform "Creep" in Paris

24th May 2016 No comments

Every so often Radiohead acknowledge that “Creep” exists. Not hailing Pablo Honey as one of their greatest albums given what followed is understandable. That said, without “Creep” none of the rest of that music would have ever come to be. I loved it when it was released and I love it still. Even if they […]

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So You Want To Sign With a Label…

29th March 2016 5 comments

Seldom does a week go by on Quora without someone wanting advice on how to get signed to a label, how to approach a label, what labels look for, or some variation of those questions. What’s interesting is how many people still see a label as 1) a necessity and 2) a symbol of having […]

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Meet the digital love-child of MTV + Rolling Stone magazine

30th March 2015 1 comment

After months of me talking about The VT here and there and dropping hints that something would be happening with it soon, I’m happy to report that it’s all coming together! Thanks to the drive and diligence of VT founder, Nick Blake, artists and industry folk have been excited about The VT from day one […]

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Happy Weekend!

28th June 2014 No comments

Hey everybody! We here at Thirty Roses HQ hope your weekend is going as wonderful as it is here in Chicagoland. We apologize for the recent few weeks with the absence of Happy Weekend posts, things can get hectic. We thought that this weekend could be an ode to headphones, with the return of Happy […]

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HugSpeak- A Great Resource for Musicians, Mangers, Label Owners

21st June 2014 1 comment

By now seemingly everyone has seen the photos of Avril Lavigne with fans vs other, slightly less uncomfortable artists with their fans. As stated in our article about good and bad fan interaction, we don’t know what exactly it is that makes Ms. Lavigne uncomfortable in her dealings with the public, but we do know […]

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Chicago Music Veteran Brian St.Clair Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

20th May 2014 1 comment

In a sad and startling announcement, Chicago music veteran (and yes, I think the word legend is fair to use) Brian St.Clair announced via The Chicagoist that he’s recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Part of his statement to The Chicagoist reads: “I’m only 45 so this was a huge wake up call for me. […]

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The Glaringly Obvious Difference Between Good and Bad Artist/Fan Engagement

5th May 2014 3 comments

Just a few moments ago, cherished Facebook friend Trent Vanegas of Pink is the new Blog shared some rather contrasting photos. The first series were of Avril Lavigne, who Vanegas learned charges fans $400 for meet and greet privileges. One would think after paying such a fee a ‘fan’ would at least get a handshake, […]

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Common Sense Basics That Artists Still Get Wrong

21st April 2014 4 comments

It’s 2014 and it’s still somewhat shocking the amount of things that artists muck up. Given the amount of resources, consultants, and information available for little or absolutely no cost, it’s astonishing that artists make so many missteps when it comes to basic, everyday things they should be doing for their careers. Here are a […]

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Happy Weekend!

15th March 2014 1 comment

We hope everyone is having a great time at St.Patrick’s Day parades and parties this weekend! Enjoy this Happy Weekend with some lighthearted fun for our guitar playing readers! ~XO

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