Underappreciated Artists: The Firebird Band

28th July 2014 2 comments

The Firebird Band, created by Chris and Riley Broach, now featuring Chris Broach and Steve Znavor of Life at Sea, have a unique instrumental approach, like The Monochrome Set, or Wire. They come from Braid, the band Chris Broach is known for, a dark noisy affair. Braid is one of the original alternative bands coming […]

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Happy Weekend!

19th July 2014 No comments

It’s that time of the week already everybody: Happy Weekend! It’s time for that day to kick back, and just relax. We all need at least that one day of the week where we can truly take sight of what’s important to us. Try checking out the recent Artists We Love, and various other article […]

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Underappreciated Artists: Chris Spedding

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Chris Spedding is an incredibly skilled lead guitarist. He plays fast, clean, is very creative, and adept at solos. Known for his trademark Gibson Flying V guitar, which has a warm, loud, but not overly distorted sound….

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Artists We Love: 14 Iced Bears

13th July 2014 No comments

"The largely unknown 14 iced bears are an interesting blend of 80’s, 90’s, and mostly positive vibes. Despite the weird band name, they are a very artsy, and polished group. They play a blend of mostly creative pop with rock style drums, guitar, and a pervasive synth sound which creates, as all great pop bands do, a sunshine feel good vibe over the songs."

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