Breaking Down the Kansas Bible Company EP Dad's Day

29th April 2015 2 comments

Kansas Bible Company is gaining press with articles in Nashville Cream and Paste and has a recent EP out called Dad’s Day.  No LP announced, but as they are touring, they are building credibility in the rock industry which is fickle to all but the most hardworking bands, no matter the talent, and they have […]

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Impact of Music on Culture: Subconscious Style

13th April 2015 No comments

This article is about the manner in which musical style transfers to different musicians and the impact that has on the music they create. This is important because musical creation is influenced by not just genres, but by thoughts about genres, songs, originality, messages in music, and art. The first way is through the subconscious, […]

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Underappreciated Artists: Puro Instinct

8th January 2015 3 comments

Puro Instinct come from Los Angeles, California.  They are sisters, Piper and Skylar Kaplan. Piper is the singer, and Skylar plays the lead guitar. When their debut studio album, Headbangers in Ecstasy came out in 2011, Skylar was sixteen and Piper was twenty-three. Let that sink in, their lead guitarist was sixteen. It is simply amazing […]

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Impact of Music on Culture: Stereotypes Edition

22nd September 2014 No comments

When it comes to the influence of stereotypes in music, and vise versa, the effect is obvious but misunderstood. Why can’t we just feel good about music, rhythm, bass lines, tropical riffs, or lyrics that aren’t angry? Why do children hear music differently than adults? One should be able to listen to a variety of […]

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Happy Weekend!

13th September 2014 No comments

Hi lovely readers! We hope you’ve had a great week filled with music and merriment! It’s been fabulous here- I was able to attend an advance screening of Martin Shore’s film Take Me To the River, which is a documentary on Memphis & Mississippi Delta music. I’ll be writing a more detailed piece on that […]

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Underappreciated Artists: The Folk Implosion

2nd September 2014 No comments

The lovechild of Dinosaur Jr’s original bass player Lou Barlow, and John Davis, including members Imad Wassif, and Russ Pollard. The name The Folk Implosion is a play on the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Primarily acoustic, the lyrics involve the struggles of settling down, midlife, frustrations, and philosophy. The music has a simple construction, it’s solid music, […]

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Underappreciated Artists: Kansas Bible Company

18th August 2014 1 comment

“You know it’s blinding, searching for a fine spring, and I’m finding that it aint worth a damn thing”, goes the opening line of “Creature of the Night”. A cliche, but maybe this is what Kansas Bible Company is all about, the journey, as a jam band obviously, but also as a theme. They come […]

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The Inaugural "Impact of Music on Culture": Three Songs to Know.

7th August 2014 No comments

This is going to be the inaugural article of an analytical uncovering of music’s impact on culture as a whole, and individual lives. Sometimes it will be a topic based article, and other times we will explore particular pieces of music, and their impact. This week, I would like to introduce you to three songs, […]

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Spoon Continues to Grow with 'They Want My Soul'

5th August 2014 No comments

They Want My Soul Album on Grooveshark Spoon is well known for their great social commentary, rhythm guitar, and general love of modern music. Meaning they create something positive out of what is often lackluster in modern music. From the depths of his life in the first four albums, all the way to the current […]

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