Mary Bue Opens Up About Sexual Assault on New EP "The Majesty of Beasts"

1st December 2016 No comments

2016 has been challenging for many people and singer-songwriter Mary Bue counts herself among them. In addition to the general heartbreak most of us have felt since November, Mary got divorced earlier this year, her band broke up, and she left her longtime home of Duluth, Minnesota when she relocated to Minneapolis. Never one to fester […]

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Mary Bue Releases Video, Artwork for "Veal"

16th December 2015 2 comments

Singer-songwriter and all-around sweetheart Mary Bue has released a video for her latest single “Veal”. We don’t necessarily make a habit of writing about it every time an artist shares a new video, but Ms. Mary Bue released her video in a pretty awesome way. First, she had big party for fans and friends (which […]

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Happy Weekend!

27th December 2014 No comments

The final HW of 2014 is upon us! Another year of growth and prosperity has passed and we can’t thank our readers enough for their continued support. In recent months, as we’ve been working on The VT, been working with http://noughtsandexes.net, and prepared to move house, things have been a bit erratic and inconsistent around […]

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Artists We Love: Mary Bue

9th December 2014 No comments

It’s always a pleasant surprise when you come across an artist who writes their own songs (the kind you swear you’d written yourself…if only you could find the words), sing their own songs, and, as an added bonus, are an absolute delight to be around. I’m speaking of none other than Mary Bue (surname rhymes […]

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