Guns N’ Roses Are Finding New Ways to Make the Industry Work for Them

21st April 2017 No comments

Now that streaming has become the dominant platform through which most fans consume their music, artists have been left scrambling for new ways to make money. With a mix of time-tested methods and new licensing deals, some of the biggest bands have found a way to remain successful. Some of these practices are obvious but […]

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Artists We Love: Dame Haze

12th January 2014 No comments

Dame Haze is a Chicago based artist, and one you should start paying attention to now! We first became acquainted with Dame and his music at a Grammy member event featuring Young Guru. Dame introduced himself to me and gave me a copy of his (at that point) soon to be released EP. Reluctantly I […]

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What to Expect When You Start to Play Live: The Basics

30th August 2013 2 comments

Live shows are the primary source of income for many musicians. Unfortunately, they’re also the source of a great deal of confusion. Here, we hope to simplify the basics of the most common payment scenarios, what your contract may include, and other things that may serve as a source of anxiety for artists just beginning […]

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Happy Birthday!!

8th August 2013 No comments

Today, The Edge from U2 celebrates his 52nd birthday. Happy birthday to The Edge, and Happy The Edge’s birthday to everyone else! In celebration, here’s ‘In God’s Country‘ from Rattle and Hum.

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BBC holds emergency summit with Sir Mick Jagger after he tries to put a stop to Glastonbury coverage – Event Industry News

31st May 2013 No comments

See on Scoop.it – Music, Music, Music Christine Rose Infanger‘s insight: While Sir Jagger may claim it isn’t about money, it seems as though it probably is. I can’t help but think things such as video and audio quality would be easier to control for a streaming audience than those attending in person. Given the […]

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Congress Theater Spared, If Only Temporarily

18th April 2013 No comments

Yesterday, we mentioned the troubles the poor Congress Theater is having. Today, there was an emergency hearing held and the judge ruled that the theater will be able to remain open and the concerts scheduled through this weekend will be allowed to take place. With some of the building’s issues having been addressed; the addition […]

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