Happy Weekend: Joni Mitchell Edition

4th April 2015 1 comment

What a week it’s been in the music industry! We made some announcements about The VT, what it is, and why it’s awesome. Artists and fans alike are just as excited as we are! Then, Jay-Z and friends held the world’s most awkward launch for the least revolutionary and different streaming company ever. Our article […]

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Tidal is Here…And It's More Of the Same

31st March 2015 4 comments

You may have heard that Jay-Z had a little gathering yesterday. There was some hoopla about it, and he invited some friends. While this event may have looked like an awards show red carpet, it was actually the launch event for Tidal, the superstar-funded streaming service headed by Mr. Z and supported by shareholders straight […]

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Happy Weekend!

18th October 2014 2 comments

A Facebook friend of mine posted a picture yesterday which said there are only 10 Fridays until Christmas. Does that seem a bit terrifying to anyone else? It’s time to start thinking of what the best records of 2014 have been. What have your favorites been? Let us know in case we’ve overlooked something! Last […]

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