Meanwhile on the vt…

14th July 2014 1 comment

Lots of great music on our partner site, the vt blog recently! There was a track from Stone and Space which they described as a “Bollywood remix.” The duo used a Bollywood film dance number and perfectly synced their track to match it-great stuff! The vt has also featured videos from our beloved Emily Danger, […]

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Meanwhile, on the vt….

27th June 2014 No comments

Hey, everyone! Lots of great stuff at the vt blog in the past couple weeks! Gorgeous songwriting from Lindsay Katt and James Apollo, vampires and pop-punk courtesy of EofE, and a rad mixtape featuring BuLife, MT Motherland Boy, and Double. There’s also a lot more great music, so head over! As always, the vt runs […]

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The vt blog

5th June 2014 1 comment

If you ever find yourself in search of new music brought to you by way of awesome videos, search no farther than The vt blog! I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago when doing some research and instantly fell in love with the site. It’s fun, funny, quirky, slightly left of center, and the […]

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The Problems With Pitchfork…

29th May 2014 9 comments

This began as a discussion on Quora but since it’s something which I’m frequently asked about, it seemed worth sharing here: There are a few problems with Pitchfork. – They’re far too pretentious for their own good now and they really have no right to be. Their writers are abysmal and they use school yard […]

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Emily Danger: Dangerfest

1st October 2013 No comments

Exciting news to announce: Our beloved Emily Danger will soon be heading into the studio to record their first full length album! As if that weren’t enough to make you squeal with delight, they’re kicking the whole thing off with a fundraising party in Brooklyn! At present there will be raffles, a costume contest, prizes, […]

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Artists We Love: Trouvere

30th September 2013 No comments

We’re really excited to introduce you to another great under-appreciated duo in this week’s Artists We Love; Nashville’s Trouvere! Greg LaFollette is a producer, engineer, and musician who has worked with the likes of Matthew Perryman Jones and Andrew Belle. He and his lovely partner in crime, Shell Snyder, (who sings how angels would sing-if […]

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