33 World – Renowned Music Industry Experts on One Stage!

15th April 2019 No comments

Don’t get me wrong, live music conferences are great.  But I know you might not be able to take the time off of work. Or maybe, although the conference itself is affordable, the plane ticket and hotel costs make it impractical. Those are just a few reasons why the Profitable Musician Online Summit was created. […]

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The Cure for Starving Artist Syndrome

8th April 2019 No comments

Hey friends, I want to take you on a little journey into the future… Info your future as a profitable musician. Picture this:  You have regular patrons paying you every month.  You have enough money coming in that you can finally invest in your career, guilt-free.  You know how to manage your cash flow so […]

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DJ Neal Veglio Gets Real About Life in Radio, the Creative Industries

23rd January 2017 No comments

People who have any type of career in entertainment often create a public persona on social media which portrays a lifestyle of glamour and opulence far removed from reality. Frequently we’ll see photos of exotic locations, expensive jewelry, designer clothing, and other things indicative of a lavish lifestyle. What many people fail to disclose is that so much […]

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Mary Bue Opens Up About Sexual Assault on New EP "The Majesty of Beasts"

1st December 2016 No comments

2016 has been challenging for many people and singer-songwriter Mary Bue counts herself among them. In addition to the general heartbreak most of us have felt since November, Mary got divorced earlier this year, her band broke up, and she left her longtime home of Duluth, Minnesota when she relocated to Minneapolis. Never one to fester […]

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Artists We Love: Marcio Novelli

26th February 2016 No comments

Last week singer-songwriter Marcio Novelli released a video for track “Remember Love”. Filmed last March just after the birth of his second child, Novelli describes the song as “a reflection of the evolution of affection and how it grows and changes over time from obsession and infatuation into something much deeper and more meaningful. Despite […]

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Meet the digital love-child of MTV + Rolling Stone magazine

30th March 2015 1 comment

After months of me talking about The VT here and there and dropping hints that something would be happening with it soon, I’m happy to report that it’s all coming together! Thanks to the drive and diligence of VT founder, Nick Blake, artists and industry folk have been excited about The VT from day one […]

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Happy Weekend!

24th January 2015 No comments

Hi darling readers! As many of you know we’re in the midst of a lot of changes here at Thirty Roses HQ. We’ll be relocating across the country soon, Noughts and Exes are always in the middle of something exciting, and artists and industry folk are buzzing about The VT. For those who don’t know, […]

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The VT to Hire Artists In Next Wave of Industry Innovation/Revolution

7th January 2015 No comments

Our call to arms Dear friends & creative comrades, We cordially invite you to build something amazing with us. We have been working for some time to build a core music licensing and distribution business that will support a robust creative community. A place where artists are nurtured and empowered to work together in an […]

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Happy Weekend!

27th December 2014 No comments

The final HW of 2014 is upon us! Another year of growth and prosperity has passed and we can’t thank our readers enough for their continued support. In recent months, as we’ve been working on The VT, been working with http://noughtsandexes.net, and prepared to move house, things have been a bit erratic and inconsistent around […]

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