The Best Exercises for Musicians

11th August 2016 4 comments

There’s no doubt about it: the life of a musician is often jam-packed. With all the practicing, networking, marketing, creating, and gigging, how do you find time for yourself? As tough as it may be, making that time is essential. Your mental and physical health can end up affecting your technique, and can even make […]

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Chicago Music Veteran Brian St.Clair Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

20th May 2014 1 comment

In a sad and startling announcement, Chicago music veteran (and yes, I think the word legend is fair to use) Brian St.Clair announced via The Chicagoist that he’s recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Part of his statement to The Chicagoist reads: “I’m only 45 so this was a huge wake up call for me. […]

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