Superfan Takes Huey Lewis Inspired 'Heart of Rock & Roll' Road Trip

20th January 2016 No comments

This may be the greatest, if not most random, music-themed road trip I’ve read about in quite a long time. Michael Fled, Huey Lewis devotee, decided to visit every city mentioned in the 1984 chart hit “The Heart of Rock & Roll”. Fled wrote the following on his Vimeo page: “10,484 miles on 11 planes. […]

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Why More Artists Should Be Like Garth Brooks

17th November 2014 No comments

I’m not entirely certain when it happened, but at some point in recent months, I came to adore Garth Brooks. As I mentioned in the article I wrote about the death of my fiance and how it inadvertently pushed me back into the music industry, Garth’s song The Dance was one of my go-to tracks […]

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The Glaringly Obvious Difference Between Good and Bad Artist/Fan Engagement

5th May 2014 3 comments

Just a few moments ago, cherished Facebook friend Trent Vanegas of Pink is the new Blog shared some rather contrasting photos. The first series were of Avril Lavigne, who Vanegas learned charges fans $400 for meet and greet privileges. One would think after paying such a fee a ‘fan’ would at least get a handshake, […]

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In Memoriam: DJ E-Z Rock

28th April 2014 No comments

DJ E-Z Rock, beloved as half of quintessential late 80’s dance/hip-hop act Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, has passed away. DJ E-Z Rock, real name Rodney Bryce, 46, became a radio sensation when the duo released their 1988 album It Takes Two. The album went on to become platinum and featured two Top 10 […]

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‘Artist We Love’ Emily Hearn Launches Kickstarter Campaign

7th April 2014 No comments

One of our favorite singers (who was recently featured as part of our Artists We Love series) is making a new record! Hearn announced today that she’s heading into the studio to make a new album this summer and she’s launched a Kickstarter to fund it. With a lofty goal of $30,000 set, we really […]

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Dear Beliebers: How to be a Fan

13th October 2013 3 comments

I’ve reached a milestone, of sorts- I’m getting hate tweets and hate email from Justin Bieber fans! As much of an honor as it was to be accepted into and become a member of The Recording Academy, and as proud as I am when I see people around the world quoting things I’ve written, I […]

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Post-Riot Fest Replacements Cloud

18th September 2013 2 comments

Greetings, lovelies, Christine here. I entertained the idea of writing a formal, proper review type thing. I hate writing formal, proper review type things. Plus, it’s Riot Fest, for crying out loud. Wouldn’t it be anathema to the Riot Fest ethos to write some formal prose on the musical intricacies of the day, with proper […]

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Do Avenged Sevenfold Have the Right Idea About Fans?

6th September 2013 No comments

In the latest Billboard, Avenged Sevenfold frontman Matt Sanders, AKA M. Shadows, said the following about performing on talk shows: “I don’t want the fair-weather fans, the soccer moms who watch ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ to discover us that way,” says Sevenfold lead singer Matt Sanders, who performs as M. Shadows. “I want the people who grew […]

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Local H: Final ‘Brian’ Set List

30th August 2013 No comments

As we reported last week, drummer Brian St.Clair will be leaving the band after their upcoming tour. St.Clair just put this up on his public Facebook page: “I have been thinking long and hard about my final days in Local H and what songs I’d like to play. But then I thought maybe you guys […]

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