Is Facebook Ready for the Music Industry?

17th July 2015 No comments

As many may be aware, in recent weeks the scuttlebutt in the music industry has been that Facebook is entering the music video and streaming game. Facebook denies having an interest in pursuing streaming, stating that their intentions don’t go beyond videos. Didn’t the Terra Firma – Citigroup – EMI debacle teach us that not […]

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Happy Weekend: Leah Graham Edition

28th March 2015 No comments

Hello! This is sure to be the most important Happy Weekend in our history! I always look forward to searching for fun music related minutiae to post for our HW features, but today’s post goes far beyond that. Our longtime supporters will remember Leah Graham, the Oxford teenager who was losing her battle with Cystic […]

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Spotify (Again) – Artists Still Fighting the Wrong Battle

14th November 2014 5 comments

I swore I wasn’t going to write anything about this. I promised myself and my mental well-being that I wasn’t going to write anymore about this, yet here I am…writing again about Spotify. Same song, slightly different tune. We all know Taylor Swift pulled her catalog from the streaming service and since then, it’s all […]

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If…Then Twitter May Not Be For You

9th July 2014 2 comments

As important as social media is in today’s interactive world, it’s only useful if you actually use it properly. While many people care only about how many followers they have, those people are missing entirely the sole purpose of Twitter: Engagement. It has been pointed out to me by the world’s coolest 12 year old […]

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Artists We Love: Dame Haze

12th January 2014 No comments

Dame Haze is a Chicago based artist, and one you should start paying attention to now! We first became acquainted with Dame and his music at a Grammy member event featuring Young Guru. Dame introduced himself to me and gave me a copy of his (at that point) soon to be released EP. Reluctantly I […]

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Artists We Love: Emily Hearn

10th January 2014 4 comments

We’re so excited; this is our first AWL feature of the new year! What better way to begin than to introduce you to the über-talented Emily Hearn! Ms. Hearn may be a bit late to the music game as she didn’t begin playing guitar until 2008 and released her first EP, Paper Heart, in 2010. […]

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Interview With Radio Host and Humorist Neal Mayhem

29th November 2013 No comments

We recently got the opportunity to chat with radio host humourist, and all around nice guy Neal Mayhem. Much to our surprise, Neal talked about how his success happened despite rather than because of social media, and how the ever changing state of media should be seen as an opportunity to encourage creativity. Please read […]

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Artists We Love: Peter and Kerry

18th September 2013 2 comments

In this week’s edition of Artists We Love we present, with great pleasure, a UK duo we’ve been into for quite some time; Peter and Kerry! Having been beloved solo artists on the Tape Club label, Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham decided to collaborate on what has become a successful partnership. Their first release, the […]

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Artists We Love: Natalie Nicole Gilbert

4th September 2013 1 comment

Today is the launch of a new feature we’re rolling out at Thirty Roses. We’re always introduced to so many new artists and we want to share them with all of you, ergo, Artists We Love!Each week Artists We Love will showcase an artist we’re currently agog over and feel you should be as well. […]

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