Spotify (Again) – Artists Still Fighting the Wrong Battle

14th November 2014 5 comments

I swore I wasn’t going to write anything about this. I promised myself and my mental well-being that I wasn’t going to write anymore about this, yet here I am…writing again about Spotify. Same song, slightly different tune. We all know Taylor Swift pulled her catalog from the streaming service and since then, it’s all […]

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Music Without Barriers Working With Artists, Industry to Make Live Music Accessible for Deaf and Disabled Fans

23rd June 2014 No comments

Today’s FAC digest shared information on a wonderful new campaign by UK organization Attitude is Everything. The #MusicWithoutBarriers campaign hopes to raise awareness and work with artists and venues to make live music more accessible for the deaf and disabled community. Per their website, #MusicWithoutBarriers has 4 key points they wish to raise awareness about: […]

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Misogyny is Part of Bigger Problem With US Music Industry

14th May 2014 1 comment

Anyone who knows me, reads Thirty Roses regularly, or follows me on Facebook or Twitter knows that I love no music industry news source more than CMU. Not only do they know what they’re talking about, they’re always funny, charming, and eager to engage in a quick chat about the news of the day. Anyone […]

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Wake up US Music Industry; UK Way Ahead of Game on Artist Unity

28th October 2013 1 comment

The Future of Music Coalition is well underway in Washington, D.C. and the hot topic seems to be artists organizing to fight for equal pay and artistic control. While these are certainly important issues, it’s a bit infuriating that in a country as expansive as the United States, all of the successful artists that come […]

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A Closer Look at the Groundbreaking Featured Artists Coaltion

15th October 2013 3 comments

*This article was originally written for Think Like a Label. I’ll be posting some of my favorite and most popular pieces for TLAL here on Thirty Roses with kind permission from Think Like a Label owner and editor Jeremy Belcher. Many artists speak out about the laws and societal changes that affect them, but artists […]

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Featured Artists Coalition: Crispin Hunt’s BPI Address

15th September 2013 No comments

The Featured Artists Coalition is something that I’ve long been a supporter of. Recently, co-CEO, songwriter, producer, and former Longpig Crispin Hunt spoke before the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) and the lovely people at the FAC have released the full text of his speech. It is most definitely worthy of your time, so give it […]

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The Featured Artists Coalition on Think Like a Label!

11th June 2013 2 comments

My latest article for Think Like a Label is up! This week, a look at the UK’s Featured Artists Coalition. What is it, what does it do, and why should we follow their lead? Read my article HERE!

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MMF & BitTorrent Event in London

20th May 2013 1 comment

Hello, darlings! Just wanted to make our UK readers aware of a MUST attend event! The MMF have partnered with BitTorrent and will be hosting an event on 23rd May in Tileyard Studios. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend but if any of your schedules allow, do try and secure a place! Please refer […]

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The Artist and Manager Awards 2012

9th September 2012 1 comment

Last year saw the inauguration of a new event brought to the UK music industry by the Featured Artists Coalition and the Music Managers Forum. The Artist and Manager Awards celebrate the accomplishments of those whose hard work behind the scenes makes it possible for the artists we love to do what they do. No […]

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