Is Facebook Ready for the Music Industry?

17th July 2015 No comments

As many may be aware, in recent weeks the scuttlebutt in the music industry has been that Facebook is entering the music video and streaming game. Facebook denies having an interest in pursuing streaming, stating that their intentions don’t go beyond videos. Didn’t the Terra Firma – Citigroup – EMI debacle teach us that not […]

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Brian Message: "Artists are businesses with multiple revenue streams across multiple territories and streaming is part of that engagement with fans."

26th December 2014 No comments

Brian Message, Radiohead co-manager and manager of artists such as Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, has long spoken about the role streaming will play in the overall promotion of an artist. Check out this Midem Talks interview for his thoughts on the future of streaming and what it means for artist promotion.

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Why More Artists Should Be Like Garth Brooks

17th November 2014 No comments

I’m not entirely certain when it happened, but at some point in recent months, I came to adore Garth Brooks. As I mentioned in the article I wrote about the death of my fiance and how it inadvertently pushed me back into the music industry, Garth’s song The Dance was one of my go-to tracks […]

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HugSpeak- A Great Resource for Musicians, Mangers, Label Owners

21st June 2014 1 comment

By now seemingly everyone has seen the photos of Avril Lavigne with fans vs other, slightly less uncomfortable artists with their fans. As stated in our article about good and bad fan interaction, we don’t know what exactly it is that makes Ms. Lavigne uncomfortable in her dealings with the public, but we do know […]

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Appreciate Your Twitter Audience: Learning From the Best

4th December 2013 1 comment

*This article was originally written for Think Like a Label. I’ll be posting some of my favorite and most popular pieces for TLAL here on Thirty Roses with kind permission from Think Like a Label owner and editor Jeremy Belcher. One of the most important things for artists to do also seems to be the […]

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