Artists We Love: Lucia Valentine

29th June 2015 No comments

We haven’t done an Artists We Love Feature in quite some time, mostly because all of the music we’ve been obsessed with in the last several months has gone straight to The VT. Then, when doing our doing normal perusal of NoiseTrade we stumbled upon a brand new EP by a brand new artist: Lucia […]

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‘Artist We Love’ Emily Hearn Launches Kickstarter Campaign

7th April 2014 No comments

One of our favorite singers (who was recently featured as part of our Artists We Love series) is making a new record! Hearn announced today that she’s heading into the studio to make a new album this summer and she’s launched a Kickstarter to fund it. With a lofty goal of $30,000 set, we really […]

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NoiseTrade, Great For Fans and Artists Alike

23rd January 2014 No comments

There’s such an overabundance of new music coming at us at every turn that we end up listening to our old favourites, simply because it all becomes so overwhelming. Sure, streaming services can be useful for playing the occasional new artist, but often you have listen to artists you don’t care for to get to […]

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