Our Top Records of 2014

1st January 2015 No comments

Happy New Year! No, we didn’t get too carried away with New Year’s Eve parties to publish our Best of list, you just never know who may release a surprise album on New Year’s Eve and steal the thunder of everyone else who made music over the course of the year that was. Of course, […]

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Happy Weekend!

27th December 2014 No comments

The final HW of 2014 is upon us! Another year of growth and prosperity has passed and we can’t thank our readers enough for their continued support. In recent months, as we’ve been working on The VT, been working with http://noughtsandexes.net, and prepared to move house, things have been a bit erratic and inconsistent around […]

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Meanwhile on the vt…

14th July 2014 1 comment

Lots of great music on our partner site, the vt blog recently! There was a track from Stone and Space which they described as a “Bollywood remix.” The duo used a Bollywood film dance number and perfectly synced their track to match it-great stuff! The vt has also featured videos from our beloved Emily Danger, […]

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The Problems With Pitchfork…

29th May 2014 9 comments

This began as a discussion on Quora but since it’s something which I’m frequently asked about, it seemed worth sharing here: There are a few problems with Pitchfork. – They’re far too pretentious for their own good now and they really have no right to be. Their writers are abysmal and they use school yard […]

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Insight on Voice Lessons & Music Education by Emily Nicholas

9th April 2014 3 comments

Recently Emily Nicholas, Emily Danger singer and dear friend, shared some rather heartbreaking memories about her vocal training. It seems these stories are more commonplace than not but fortunately, as Ms. Nicholas is also an accomplished voice teacher herself, offers advice on what to do to be an effective and productive teacher. She also offers […]

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Another Party With Emily Danger!

19th January 2014 No comments

Emily Danger are becoming as known for groundbreaking videos as they are for genre bending music. You may recall the band’s video for Shed My Skin was screened at the BBC Music Video Festival and this week the band are hosting a party (yes, a party!) to celebrate the release for their new video for […]

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Emily Danger: Dangerfest

1st October 2013 No comments

Exciting news to announce: Our beloved Emily Danger will soon be heading into the studio to record their first full length album! As if that weren’t enough to make you squeal with delight, they’re kicking the whole thing off with a fundraising party in Brooklyn! At present there will be raffles, a costume contest, prizes, […]

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Women in the Music Industry, Want Respect? Act the Part

30th August 2013 2 comments

It’s difficult enough to be a female in the music industry as it’s still very much the boys club. Performers, managers, producers, engineers and everyone else behind the scenes; they’re all mostly men. Women have to work three times as hard to get half the respect and “performances” like the one Miley Cyrus gave at […]

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‘Shed My Skin’ video~ Emily Danger

4th February 2013 No comments

It’s a big day, everyone; my beloved Emily Danger released their debut video today! Many congratulations to Emily, Cameron, Colin, Coyote, and Ryan!

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