Happy Weekend: Leah Graham Edition

28th March 2015 No comments

Hello! This is sure to be the most important Happy Weekend in our history! I always look forward to searching for fun music related minutiae to post for our HW features, but today’s post goes far beyond that. Our longtime supporters will remember Leah Graham, the Oxford teenager who was losing her battle with Cystic […]

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Malynda Hale Working on 4th Album

26th March 2015 No comments

Musician/Actress/Activist Malynda Hale is working on a new record! In recent years Hale has been busy with her acting career, as well as launching the MeTOO! Campaign for relationship equality, regardless of racial or gender configuration. A longtime supporter of the LGBT community, Malynda’s tribute to transgender teen Leelah Alcorn was instantly loved and shared […]

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Why the Potato Salad Kickstarter May Not Be a Joke

17th July 2014 1 comment

Zack Danger Brown and his Kickstarter campaign attempting to earn $10 to make a batch of potato salad has become something of an internet darling of late. The campaign has gone viral, been on many global news and media outlets, and surpassed its $10 goal almost instantly having raised $50,750 from 6,184 backers as of […]

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Amanda Palmer to Morrissey: “Crowdsource”

29th April 2013 No comments

Kickstarter darling Amanda Palmer wrote an open letter to Morrissey via salon.com in response to a piece which recently appeared in The Guardian. In The Guardian article, Morrissey stated “I have a lot of songs. We could record three studio albums immediately, very easily. But none of the majors are interested. [They] are only interested […]

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The Rifles~ Pledge Music

2nd October 2012 No comments

Good morning, all. As my readers know by know, I am huge supporter of crowdfunding. Any time artists and fans can work together and strengthen their relationship, I think it’s a wonderful thing. If this comes in the form fans themselves aiding the artists they love in funding new projects and getting some cool and […]

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Kickstart My Heart

5th June 2012 No comments

There are few things in life that make me absolutely giddy to spend money on. Travel, anything related to technology, and always, atop the list, is music. Anything and everything related to music. For the longest time, as consumers, we were fairly limited in what we could spend money on when music was concerned. We […]

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20th April 2012 1 comment

Crowdfunding is nothing new, but there is a company based in Chicago that seems to add elements of social media and interaction that others don’t have. OurLabel (https://www.ourlabel.com/) seems to have achieved the balance of serving as a crowdfunding source and allowing fans access to the artists, all the while serving as a veritable street […]

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