Common Sense Basics That Artists Still Get Wrong

21st April 2014 4 comments

It’s 2014 and it’s still somewhat shocking the amount of things that artists muck up. Given the amount of resources, consultants, and information available for little or absolutely no cost, it’s astonishing that artists make so many missteps when it comes to basic, everyday things they should be doing for their careers. Here are a […]

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Copyright Still Matters

6th February 2014 3 comments

It seems a bit ridiculous that this needs to be said, but registered copyrights are still relevant. While it may be true that the copyright system isn’t perfect, it’s what we have, and unless you have a workable solution, copyright your music! There have been numerous attempts to change copyright laws since the advent of […]

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Wake up US Music Industry; UK Way Ahead of Game on Artist Unity

28th October 2013 1 comment

The Future of Music Coalition is well underway in Washington, D.C. and the hot topic seems to be artists organizing to fight for equal pay and artistic control. While these are certainly important issues, it’s a bit infuriating that in a country as expansive as the United States, all of the successful artists that come […]

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Government provides funding for phase one of Copyright Hub | CMU: Complete Music Update

26th March 2013 No comments

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