Underappreciated Artists: The Firebird Band

28th July 2014 2 comments

The Firebird Band, created by Chris and Riley Broach, now featuring Chris Broach and Steve Znavor of Life at Sea, have a unique instrumental approach, like The Monochrome Set, or Wire. They come from Braid, the band Chris Broach is known for, a dark noisy affair. Braid is one of the original alternative bands coming […]

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Meanwhile on the vt…

14th July 2014 1 comment

Lots of great music on our partner site, the vt blog recently! There was a track from Stone and Space which they described as a “Bollywood remix.” The duo used a Bollywood film dance number and perfectly synced their track to match it-great stuff! The vt has also featured videos from our beloved Emily Danger, […]

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More Exciting News!

13th June 2014 1 comment

You may have seen our recent post about all of the excitement happening behind the scenes here at Thirty Roses HQ. You may also recall us mentioning more news to come….well, here’s some more news: We’re going to be working with the vt blog to bring you as much new music as possible! We don’t […]

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Is it Wise for Artists to Discount Tickets on Groupon, et al?

17th May 2014 2 comments

It’s becoming an ever increasing trend to see concert tickets on discount web sites such as Groupon and Living Social. While it may be good for fans to get tickets to see their favorite artists at a more affordable price, I can’t help but wonder if this it leading down a dangerous path. Remember many […]

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Global Citizen Works With Artists, Fans to End Poverty by 2030

28th April 2014 7 comments

Today marks the beginning of a worldwide campaign called Live Below the Line.The campaign challenges participants to spend only a $1.50 per day on food and drink so that they may gain empathy and better understanding of the hardships many suffer through, particularly those with families to feed. Live Below the Line is one of […]

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Local H Release Cover of Lorde's 'Team' as Official Single

22nd April 2014 1 comment

Never a band to shy away from covering a smash pop song, Chicago’s Local H have covered Lorde’s insanely popular track Team. A video of the band, consisting of lead singer/guitarist Scott Lucas and drummer Ryan Harding, performing the song in the studio was released late last week to instant internet buzz. Blogs, Chicago press, […]

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Uptown Mayhem Announce Split

3rd March 2014 No comments

We’re sorry to kick off Monday morning with some bad news but we didn’t want to bring down the weekend and share it yesterday. Chicago area band (and favorite around Thirty Roses HQ) Uptown Mayhem announced their split yesterday. It seems that the departure of key band members coupled with the general demands of their […]

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Happy Weekend!

26th January 2014 No comments

Hi, everyone! Flight cancellations across the country and various other happenings have thrown a slight delay in things at Thirty Roses HQ but we’re SO excited about the Grammy Awards tonight! We’ll be heading to a member’s party in Chicago later this evening to watch the excitement unfold with some industry peers . Will any […]

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Artists We Love: Dame Haze

12th January 2014 No comments

Dame Haze is a Chicago based artist, and one you should start paying attention to now! We first became acquainted with Dame and his music at a Grammy member event featuring Young Guru. Dame introduced himself to me and gave me a copy of his (at that point) soon to be released EP. Reluctantly I […]

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