Spotify (Again) – Artists Still Fighting the Wrong Battle

14th November 2014 5 comments

I swore I wasn’t going to write anything about this. I promised myself and my mental well-being that I wasn’t going to write anymore about this, yet here I am…writing again about Spotify. Same song, slightly different tune. We all know Taylor Swift pulled her catalog from the streaming service and since then, it’s all […]

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BitTorrent Is Not a Crime: Once a Pariah, Now Providing Distribution & Data for Music, Movies & TV (From the Magazine)

10th September 2013 No comments

See on Scoop.it – Music, Music, MusicWhen Converge Studios and Rock Mafia wanted to get the word out in August about an original TV series, they turned to an unconventional…See on www.billboard.com

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MMF & BitTorrent Event in London

20th May 2013 1 comment

Hello, darlings! Just wanted to make our UK readers aware of a MUST attend event! The MMF have partnered with BitTorrent and will be hosting an event on 23rd May in Tileyard Studios. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend but if any of your schedules allow, do try and secure a place! Please refer […]

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