Is Facebook Ready for the Music Industry?

17th July 2015 No comments

As many may be aware, in recent weeks the scuttlebutt in the music industry has been that Facebook is entering the music video and streaming game. Facebook denies having an interest in pursuing streaming, stating that their intentions don’t go beyond videos. Didn’t the Terra Firma – Citigroup – EMI debacle teach us that not […]

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Artists We Love: Supersmall

25th March 2014 2 comments

While artists regularly send us music, something about a the description of a band that recently emailed us was intriguing: An Irish/Israeli folk band. Interesting, right? We had to listen! The Irish part of the band comes from singer/songwriter/emailer Colin Dempsey, the Israeli half from drummer Daniela Schiller. Both are storytellers and their tunes and […]

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Just Because….

24th September 2013 2 comments

We hope the sun is shining where you are. It’s a perfect day in Chicago but a couple of the most beloved people, and longtime supporters of Thirty Roses are having less than stellar days of late. The melancholy in this song I’ve always found to be haunting in a way that can only be […]

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Artists We Love: Peter and Kerry

18th September 2013 2 comments

In this week’s edition of Artists We Love we present, with great pleasure, a UK duo we’ve been into for quite some time; Peter and Kerry! Having been beloved solo artists on the Tape Club label, Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham decided to collaborate on what has become a successful partnership. Their first release, the […]

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Happy Weekend!

23rd February 2013 1 comment

Greetings, lovely readers. I apologise for the lack of ‘Happy Weekend’ post last week. I was caught up in the middle of numerous projects and it slipped my mind completely. Thanks for the emails about it…it’s nice to know that these silly pictures are thought to be enjoyable by some. The music industry is a […]

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Music in Film: It Changes Everything

18th October 2012 7 comments

While people often hear me say that I believe music is the most important thing in the world, they probably don’t always realize that I truly believe that to be true. Speaking in terms of something as simple as a film score or soundtrack, the music will often make the difference between awful, mediocre, and […]

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