Artists We Love: 14 Iced Bears

13th July 2014 No comments

"The largely unknown 14 iced bears are an interesting blend of 80’s, 90’s, and mostly positive vibes. Despite the weird band name, they are a very artsy, and polished group. They play a blend of mostly creative pop with rock style drums, guitar, and a pervasive synth sound which creates, as all great pop bands do, a sunshine feel good vibe over the songs."

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Copyright Still Matters

6th February 2014 3 comments

It seems a bit ridiculous that this needs to be said, but registered copyrights are still relevant. While it may be true that the copyright system isn’t perfect, it’s what we have, and unless you have a workable solution, copyright your music! There have been numerous attempts to change copyright laws since the advent of […]

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NoiseTrade, Great For Fans and Artists Alike

23rd January 2014 No comments

There’s such an overabundance of new music coming at us at every turn that we end up listening to our old favourites, simply because it all becomes so overwhelming. Sure, streaming services can be useful for playing the occasional new artist, but often you have listen to artists you don’t care for to get to […]

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New video, album download from Got Damage

3rd October 2013 No comments

In keeping with our mission to let you know about artists on the rise, we want to tell you about the new record and video from alternative rap duo Got Damage. Spitting Bull and Geronimo $ avoid the traps and cliches of current rap and hip hop, choosing instead to sound gritty and “intentionally damaged’ […]

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