Uptown Mayhem Announce Split

3rd March 2014 No comments

We’re sorry to kick off Monday morning with some bad news but we didn’t want to bring down the weekend and share it yesterday. Chicago area band (and favorite around Thirty Roses HQ) Uptown Mayhem announced their split yesterday. It seems that the departure of key band members coupled with the general demands of their […]

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Artists We Love: Dame Haze

12th January 2014 No comments

Dame Haze is a Chicago based artist, and one you should start paying attention to now! We first became acquainted with Dame and his music at a Grammy member event featuring Young Guru. Dame introduced himself to me and gave me a copy of his (at that point) soon to be released EP. Reluctantly I […]

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Top Posts of 2013

1st January 2014 No comments

Here you go, in one concise list; our most popular articles from the past year. Thank you so much for reading! 5) ‘Diamonds’ for Leah Graham 4) Our interview with the amazing Hustle Roses 3) Our Artists We Love feature on Uptown Mayhem …and Chicago’s hardest working band, Local H, holds the honour of our […]

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Artists We Love: Uptown Mayhem

9th December 2013 3 comments

Every so often, an artist comes along that gives us hope that we may one day live in a world where the majority of the population doesn’t gobble up Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and any other ClearChannel darling du jour. Uptown Mayhem is precisely that artist. Many artists we find by happenstance; music is suggested […]

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Artists We Love: Parlours

5th November 2013 No comments

We are so excited to share with you Des Moines, Iowa based Parlours. You may not know of Parlours by name, but fans of the television show Chicago Code have undoubtedly heard their music. Their track ‘I Dream of Chicago‘ was featured at the end of the season finale this past spring. That opportunity launched […]

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Artists We Love: Ed Romanoff

18th October 2013 No comments

It’s that time again; time for us to pass along info on an amazing artist who should be touring the globe, selling out stadiums but isn’t just yet. For the past several weeks we’ve discussed duos and insanely talented female artists. It seems only appropriate that we switch it up and keep things fresh for […]

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Artists We Love: JillandKate

9th October 2013 1 comment

For whatever reason, we’ve featured a lot of duos on Artists We Love, and why stop now! We found JillandKate on Noise Trade and have been digging their record Heart of Stone ever since. We’re huge supporters of the indie ethos here at Thirty Roses, and JillandKate show dedication to their career that few musicians […]

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Artists We Love: Trouvere

30th September 2013 No comments

We’re really excited to introduce you to another great under-appreciated duo in this week’s Artists We Love; Nashville’s Trouvere! Greg LaFollette is a producer, engineer, and musician who has worked with the likes of Matthew Perryman Jones and Andrew Belle. He and his lovely partner in crime, Shell Snyder, (who sings how angels would sing-if […]

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Artists We Love: Peter and Kerry

18th September 2013 2 comments

In this week’s edition of Artists We Love we present, with great pleasure, a UK duo we’ve been into for quite some time; Peter and Kerry! Having been beloved solo artists on the Tape Club label, Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham decided to collaborate on what has become a successful partnership. Their first release, the […]

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