Artists We Love: Typhoid Rosie

25th April 2016 No comments

We’re not particularly into album reviews at Thirty Roses but one of our favorite  bands just released a new record. Since we couldn’t pass up the chance to speak of their greatness an AWL feature seemed fitting. This edition of Artists We Love will be slightly different from the others because Typhoid Rosie is different. […]

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Artists We Love: Marcio Novelli

26th February 2016 No comments

Last week singer-songwriter Marcio Novelli released a video for track “Remember Love”. Filmed last March just after the birth of his second child, Novelli describes the song as “a reflection of the evolution of affection and how it grows and changes over time from obsession and infatuation into something much deeper and more meaningful. Despite […]

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Artists We Love: Lucia Valentine

29th June 2015 No comments

We haven’t done an Artists We Love Feature in quite some time, mostly because all of the music we’ve been obsessed with in the last several months has gone straight to The VT. Then, when doing our doing normal perusal of NoiseTrade we stumbled upon a brand new EP by a brand new artist: Lucia […]

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Happy Weekend!

3rd January 2015 No comments

Welcome to our first Happy Weekend of 2015, and what a freezing weekend it is! In an attempt to trick ourselves into thinking it’s warm, we’re doing something different this weekend – a sort of HW-meets-Artists We Love. Roads may be covered in ice and blizzards may be nigh, but a quick listen to our […]

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Artists We Love: Mary Bue

9th December 2014 No comments

It’s always a pleasant surprise when you come across an artist who writes their own songs (the kind you swear you’d written yourself…if only you could find the words), sing their own songs, and, as an added bonus, are an absolute delight to be around. I’m speaking of none other than Mary Bue (surname rhymes […]

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Artists We Love: Vaudeville Etiquette

30th July 2014 No comments

One of the many wonderful things about our partnership with The vt blog is the influx of incredible music we get to hear. The other day we got a suggestion from Nick Blake, mastermind of the vt, which said simply: “I think you’ll like this one.” He was so right! The band in question was […]

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Happy Weekend!

19th July 2014 No comments

It’s that time of the week already everybody: Happy Weekend! It’s time for that day to kick back, and just relax. We all need at least that one day of the week where we can truly take sight of what’s important to us. Try checking out the recent Artists We Love, and various other article […]

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‘Artist We Love’ Emily Hearn Launches Kickstarter Campaign

7th April 2014 No comments

One of our favorite singers (who was recently featured as part of our Artists We Love series) is making a new record! Hearn announced today that she’s heading into the studio to make a new album this summer and she’s launched a Kickstarter to fund it. With a lofty goal of $30,000 set, we really […]

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Artists We Love: Supersmall

25th March 2014 2 comments

While artists regularly send us music, something about a the description of a band that recently emailed us was intriguing: An Irish/Israeli folk band. Interesting, right? We had to listen! The Irish part of the band comes from singer/songwriter/emailer Colin Dempsey, the Israeli half from drummer Daniela Schiller. Both are storytellers and their tunes and […]

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