Sinead O'Connor Missing, Suicidal

16th May 2016 4 comments

Troubled singer Sinead O’Connor has been missing since Sunday, May 15. O’Connor went for a bike ride in a Chicago suburb and hasn’t been seen or heard from since around 1pm yesterday. O’Connor’s missing person’s report has her listed as “missing suicidal“, yet no reports indicate whether that is based on current incidents or Ms. O’Connor’s […]

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The Stone Roses Release "All For One", Teach Brilliant Lesson on Promotion in Modern Music Industry

12th May 2016 2 comments

The Stone Roses are one of the bands everyone is always speculating about: Are they reuniting? Are they making a new album? Are they touring? Now, everyone’s favorite Manchester legends have just announced their first new song since the 90s and, in keeping on-trend with the music business of the new millennium, they’re teasing it in a most intriguing way. […]

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New Radiohead Album Realeased Digitally May 8

6th May 2016 No comments

Per the official Radiohead Twitter the band’s new album will be related digitally on May 8.  Radiohead/Paul Thomas Anderson "Daydreaming" https://t.co/azK7cIc47fOur album will be released digitally on May 8th pic.twitter.com/TIXCfUuldb — Radiohead (@radiohead) May 6, 2016 They’ve also released Nother new song and video! Check out Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video “Daydreaming”. 

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Radiohead's "Burn the Witch" Available to Buy, Stream

3rd May 2016 No comments

And the question to the answer on everyone’s minds…Will Radiohead allow their new music to be available on streaming services? It would seem the answer is YES! “Burn the Witch”, released by the band a short time ago, is available to purchase HERE and is available on your preferred steaming service HERE (presuming your preferred service is […]

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Radiohead Release Video for "Burn the Witch"

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After days of toying with the masses, dropping hints, and disappearing Radiohead have given us a new song!  Check out “Burn the Witch” in all its glory on the band’s official website, Dead Air Space, or right here. What do you think?!

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Radiohead Appear Online Again

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Over the weekend Radiohead made fans’ heads explode when they deleted their entire existence from the internet. In one fell swoop the band’s website, Facebook, and Twitter  accounts were completely blank which led to speculation that the band’s long awaited LP9 was soon forthcoming. Radiohead’s mass exodus from the web came on the heels of a cryptic […]

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MTV Returning to Musical Roots

29th April 2016 No comments

When MTV launched in 1981 it revolutionized both television and music. By providing a visual outlet for what had previously only been an auditory form of expression, MTV became wildly influential and changed the way artists released music, how fans consumed it, and how industry-folk promoted it. Artists such as Madonna, Nirvana, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson were […]

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Artists We Love: Typhoid Rosie

25th April 2016 No comments

We’re not particularly into album reviews at Thirty Roses but one of our favorite  bands just released a new record. Since we couldn’t pass up the chance to speak of their greatness an AWL feature seemed fitting. This edition of Artists We Love will be slightly different from the others because Typhoid Rosie is different. […]

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'Purple Rain' Returning to Theaters

23rd April 2016 No comments

Prince’s 1984 film ‘Purple Rain’ is heading back to movie theaters this weekend! Everyone across the country seems to be grieving the loss of one of music’s purest visionaries and to honor that (and probably make a few dollars) AMC and Carmike theaters will be showing the musical masterpiece on their screens from April 23-April 28. Info […]

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