Police Search for Sinead O'Connor After She Threatens to Jump Off Chicago Bridge

23rd June 2016 No comments

Chicago police remain on the hunt for singer Sinead O’Connor. After receiving a phone call from Irish police warning that O’Connor had threatened to jump from a bridge, Chicago police issued an all-points bulletin out of what the department calls “an abundance of caution”. Police did find a man in his 50s threatening to jump off of a […]

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Remembering Prince Be of P.M. Dawn, a nostalgist who heard the future 

22nd June 2016 No comments

Until last week, P.M. Dawn’s biggest hit seemed fixed in a distant era — in two distant eras, actually. Source: Remembering Prince Be of P.M. Dawn, a nostalgist who heard the future – LA Times

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Artists Respond to Orlando Attack With Music

18th June 2016 No comments

In the wake of last week’s hate-fueled rampage in Orlando, the music community is responding the only way it knows how: Songwriters are writing songs and singers are singing them. Christina Aguilera has released a new single, “Change”, which she’s dedicated to victims of the Orlando attack. She’s also donating all proceeds from the single […]

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What Prince's Death Can Teach You About Protecting Your Career

11th June 2016 No comments

Following Prince’s April 21 death reports began to surface that the singer left no will stating what was to become of his estate. This seemed an impossibility for so many reasons. Prince was one of the most business-oriented artists in the history of the music industry. He was a forefather of the DIY ethos so many […]

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Sitar Teli Provides Much Needed Reality Check Regarding Music and Start-Ups

6th June 2016 1 comment

At a Midem’s June 3 panel titled ‘Startups & Corporations: from Competition to Coopetition’, Connect Venture’s Sitar Teli offered a contrary opinion to that of her peers. While the other panelists spoke highly of the music industry and its  relationship with VC and startup culture, Teli strongly disagreed. When asked if music and tech companies have arrived […]

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Prince's Cause of Death Revealed

2nd June 2016 1 comment

The Associated Press has reported that Prince’s cause of death was opioid overdose. After the singer was found unconscious in an elevator in his Paisley Park compound on April 21 rumors around the cause of death began to swirl and now test results have confirmed what many speculated. No matter his cause of death, it’s tragic […]

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Radiohead Perform "Creep" in Paris

24th May 2016 No comments

Every so often Radiohead acknowledge that “Creep” exists. Not hailing Pablo Honey as one of their greatest albums given what followed is understandable. That said, without “Creep” none of the rest of that music would have ever come to be. I loved it when it was released and I love it still. Even if they […]

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Richard Ashcroft Covers "Little Red Corvette"

23rd May 2016 1 comment

…and it’s exquisite. Ch-Ch-check it out. 

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Sinead O'Connor Found Safe

16th May 2016 1 comment

Sinead O’Connor has been found safe, according to authorizes. After being reported missing yesterday O’Connor was found a short time ago at a Chicago hotel and has been taken to an area hospital. No further information has been made available at this time. 

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