Creativity, Recovery, and Imposter Syndrome

31st January 2019 No comments

Hello from the polar vortex, it’s been a while. Most of you who have subscribed for a long time and supported me/Thirty Roses know the backstory behind it. For those who don’t here’s a somewhat short recap: I’ve always loved the music industry, since I was a little kid. In the early 2000s I worked […]

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MMF Releases Mental Health Guide, Needed Resource for Artist Managers

20th May 2017 No comments

                                                                                  Recognizing that the person with an artist more than anyone, often including family and […]

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Which Turntable Is Right For You?

19th May 2017 No comments

Guest post by Jessica Kane Music has come full circle with the return to vinyl. Most baby boomers have long since gotten rid of their turntables and millennials are buying them for the first time. Turntable technology has also evolved, so for anyone buying this product today, here are some tips on what to look […]

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Guns N’ Roses Are Finding New Ways to Make the Industry Work for Them

21st April 2017 No comments

Now that streaming has become the dominant platform through which most fans consume their music, artists have been left scrambling for new ways to make money. With a mix of time-tested methods and new licensing deals, some of the biggest bands have found a way to remain successful. Some of these practices are obvious but […]

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We’ve Had a Makeover!

9th February 2017 1 comment

  You may have noticed it’s been a pretty quiet here lately. Many of you know Thirty Roses began as an outlet for me. It was a simple website, created as an assignment, where I started writing the types of articles I wanted to read but couldn’t find elsewhere. Very unexpectedly, people began to pay attention and […]

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DJ Neal Veglio Gets Real About Life in Radio, the Creative Industries

23rd January 2017 No comments

People who have any type of career in entertainment often create a public persona on social media which portrays a lifestyle of glamour and opulence far removed from reality. Frequently we’ll see photos of exotic locations, expensive jewelry, designer clothing, and other things indicative of a lavish lifestyle. What many people fail to disclose is that so much […]

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Mary Bue Opens Up About Sexual Assault on New EP "The Majesty of Beasts"

1st December 2016 No comments

2016 has been challenging for many people and singer-songwriter Mary Bue counts herself among them. In addition to the general heartbreak most of us have felt since November, Mary got divorced earlier this year, her band broke up, and she left her longtime home of Duluth, Minnesota when she relocated to Minneapolis. Never one to fester […]

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Some of Our Favorite Podcasts, Music and Otherwise

12th October 2016 No comments

Everyone that knows me or follows me on social media knows that I love podcasts. I talk about them often and listen to them always. There are a many I listen to but here are a few favorites: The Allusionist  If you love words you need to listen to The Allusionist. Etymology, cultural breakdowns of how words evolve […]

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Could Anyone Do For the U.S. What The Tragically Hip Did For Canada?

21st August 2016 No comments

We may be coming off the heels of the Olympic games but The Tragically Hip’s farewell show brought Canada together far more than any athletic event ever could. After the band announced in May that lead singer Gord Downie had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, the band decided to embark on a final tour […]

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