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15th April 2019 No comments

Don’t get me wrong, live music conferences are great. 

But I know you might not be able to take the time off of work. Or maybe, although the conference itself is affordable, the plane ticket and hotel costs make it impractical.

Those are just a few reasons why the Profitable Musician Online Summit was created.

The founders, Bree Noble & Steve Palfreyman, wanted to create a learning experience as valuable as an in-person event, with the same speakers you’d experience at events like The DIY Musician Conference, The Taxi Road Rally, ASCAP Expo and SXSW…

But in your own living room (or even your pocket), available to watch at your leisure either at home or on the go. 

And at an insanely affordable price.

How does FREE sound?

[Grab your free ticket now! ] 

The mantra for the 2019 Profitable Musician Summit is simple:

“Get smart, get profitable, and get back to making music.”

And with speakers like Graham Cochrane, Cari Cole, Ari Herstand, Indepreneur, Rick Barker, Cherie Hu, Tiamo De Vettori, Ariel Hyatt, Wade Sutton, Cheryl B Engelhardt and SO many more…

You’re gonna want to clear your calendar so you don’t miss any of the crazy value these speakers will be dishing out during their presentations from April 22 – May 1.

And since it’s held online and the sessions are available for 48 hours, you don’t have to choose. You can make time for the ones that really interest you.

[Register for the Summit Here]

I’m confident this will be the biggest virtual music event of 2019. So I don’t want you to miss out! 

I know I won’t. See you there.


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