MMF Releases Mental Health Guide, Needed Resource for Artist Managers

20th May 2017 No comments



Recognizing that the person with an artist more than anyone, often including family and friends, is their manager, the MMF has released a new guide offering managers tools to help identify and (hopefully) mitigate the issues related to artist’s mental health. Covering subjects such as addiction, anxiety, and balancing their careers with real life,  and sharing signs and symptoms related to each, the MMF have created a consice and desperately-needed reference tool.

Including contributions from managers, this is something everyone in the music industry (and probably elsewhere) should memorize so they can identify when someone is in need of help, even in the earliest stages.

The guide also includes several suggestions for further reading should you need guidance on a specific topic beyond what is offered within it. Also, listed at the back is a comprehensive guide of addiction and mental health organizations and their contact information. Please note these are UK resouces as the MMF UK published this guide along with Music Support and Help Musicians UK.


Get the free downloadable guide HERE



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